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The whole world knows about Lin-Piao. He gave us the idea of liquidating the class enemy. It was simple and exciting in the beginning and it seemed the way ahead. In India we also liked it because it came from China and we thought it put us right up there with the Chinese. In fact it destroyed the revolution. The Lin-Piao line turned the revolution into middle-class theatre. Young middle-class exhibitionists in the towns putting on peasant clothes and staining their skin with walnut juice and going out to join the gangs and thinking that revolution meant killing policemen. The police had no trouble in wiping them out. People in that kind of movement always underestimate the police, I don't know why. I suppose it's because they think a little too highly of themselves.

[V. S. Naipaul, Magic Seeds]

Já cheguei, vim de longe, de muito longe, só para te ver, só para te ler.Gostei de te saber por cá, vivo, a fazer o que gostas, a deliciar os que te gostam.

Obrigado por estares cá, obrigado por nos mostrares mais um pouco de ti.

Um abraço luso, não oleoso...

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