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The university - then named Haile Selassie I University - was perhaps the most significant modernist institution in all of Ethiopia. The grand scheme of modernization - the march of advanced nations, followed by backward ones, along a continuum defined by different groups sucess in applying science and knowledge - had come to define reality for many of the new Ethiopian educated elite....

On the eve of the revolution in Ethiopia, there were two great world models of modernization, two mutually exclusive paths to wealth and power for underdeveloped countries, namely, capitalism and socialism. In the stories told by apologists for each, the same factors - the market on the one hand, and planning on the other - were alternately the very secret of progress or the most basic explanation of backwardness... the heat of revolutionary struggle, modernist discourse quickly lost contact with qualifying reality, and its binary logic took on an unhindered life of its own...

...the zemecha students [universitários enviados para o mundo rural para estabelecer a nova ordem revolucionária] found not support but fierce opposition from peasants. Most of the students came ... not only with a superiority born of modern education but with the traditional contempt of Orthodox Christian believers for so-called pagans. The mixture of these sentiments made ... chiefs, who typically occupied religious as well as political roles, appear to the zemachs as especially egregious figures who oppressed their followers through superstitious beliefs...

"Student revolutionaries had their own vision of the new rural order...carrying Mao's Little Red Book, would lecture peasants on class struggle and the necessity for collective farming, while peasant association leaders kept asking where they would get the oxen urgently needed for plowing and when fertilizer would be delivered" (Marina, David Ottaway, Ethiopia, 12)...

The difficulty is that rural people typically live in different cultural worlds than urban revolutionaries, and, as James Scott argued..."The radical intelligentsia, at least initially, is often as culturally distant, if not more distant, from the peasantry thant the dominant elites whom they wish to replace"...

[ Donald L . Donham, Marxist Modern. An Ethnographic History of the Ethiopian Revolution, 25, 26, 33, 34, 36)

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